Our COVID-19 Response


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


As your Shepherds, we have decided to act in the most prudent fashion and suspend South Hills Church of Christ events and worship for the next 30 days. This decision is in line with recommended guidance from our Federal, State and Local governments. 


This decision was not an easy one to make as we view corporate worship as critical to being a child of God and a citizen of the Kingdom. Indeed, one of our three "ships" is worship, so the choice to suspend it wasn't taken lightly.


We have done this out of an abundance of concern for the most vulnerable in our body. COVID-19 is highly contagious and impacts seniors and those who exhibit "at risk" conditions disproportionately. 


We have several suggestions for what we can do as a body individually for the next 30 days. These include:

          1.  Family and individual Bible study at home.

          2. Sermons will be made available weekly on SoundCloud until we can meet together.

          3. Find ways to serve each other and our community without risking unnecessary exposure.


We will be evaluating the spread and impacts of the outbreak on a weekly basis and advising everyone when we can resume worship and meetings. Lord willing, we might come back together earlier than 30 days.


We encourage you all to be good citizens and model Godly behavior. This is being done not out of hysteria but in a demonstration of restraint and prudence. We also hope that all of us will look to the needs of those in our body who are most impacted by this. Please communicate electronically to find out what those needs might be and then act appropriately based on that communication.


If you have any questions or more importantly, need assistance, please contact any of your Shepherds, Deacons or members of your Fellowship group. More information will be forthcoming as we move through this together.


May God's blessing and protection be with you, your families, your loved ones and our community as we endure this
difficult time.


Your Brothers,

Tom Anderson, John Kilpatrick, Shaun Peterson, and Randy Yaeger

March 14, 2020

2294 Deerfield Ln, Helena MT